California Emergency Room Malpractice

What is emergency room malpractice?

Emergency room malpractice occurs when ER nurses and physicians incorrectly diagnose injuries or fail to diagnose dangerous medical conditions. If a medical condition is misdiagnosed, not diagnosed, treated inappropriately, or not treated at all, the patient may have a legitimate emergency room malpractice claim. Common examples include failure to diagnose heart attack during an ER visit, stroke, aneurysm,meningitis, pulmonary embolism, or other serious medical condition that is misdiagnosed or untreated. It can also involve failing to treat a patient in a timely manner, inadequate follow-up, administration of incorrect medication or incorrect dosage, prescription errors and other failures. Searching for a lawyer for an emergency room malpractice case in Los Angeles? If you or a loved one has been the victim of emergency room malpractice, speak with Steven J. Weinberg, Trial Lawyer to get the legal representation you need.

Emergency room malpractice can lead to prolonged illness and longer recovery time, permanent injury or even death. Emergency room injuries resulting from incorrect diagnosis or inappropriate care include bad reaction to medication, overdose, infection, heart attack, stroke, loss of limbs or organs, severe pain, brain injury and paralysis.

Compensation for Emergency Room Malpractice Victims

Looking for an attorney for emergency room malpractice in Los Angeles? If you or a loved one has experienced prolonged illness, injury or death due to emergency room malpractice, you may be entitled to various forms of compensation such as current and future medical bills, loss of wages, long-term disability and long-term care expenses, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship or burial expenses in cases where emergency room malpractice results in death.

Steven Weinberg has been representing victims of emergency room malpractice since 1977, and has successfully won compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and non-economic damages such as past and future pain and suffering. His commitment to clients is unmatched.

Contact a medical malpractice attorney from our firm today if you or a loved one has been the victim of ER Malpractice, so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.