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Arbitration Only

Need an attorney for Kaiser medical malpractice in Los Angeles? Kaiser is one of the largest health insurance providers in our state, making it one of the more common insurances carried individuals and families here. When medical malpractice occurs, one of the drawbacks to this particular insurance is that policyholders are limited in regard to how they can pursue compensation for injuries, illness or the loss of a loved one to wrongful death malpractice. The insurance company strictly deals with malpractice claims outside the courtroom, through arbitration.

The process of arbitration can hinder a person’s ability to seek compensation, more so than a typical medical malpractice claim. This makes it extremely important to obtain the services of an extensively experienced malpractice attorney that is capable of effectively representing you and your family through the arbitration of your claim.

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While the process is different, the objective in your case is the same; if you have been injured by a medical professional, or your family has lost a loved one, it is your right to seek damages to help alleviate the physical and emotional trauma that you have had to endure.

Los Angeles Medical Malpractice Attorney, Steven J. Weinberg, is extensively experienced in representing victims and their families through Kaiser Arbitration, and has a proven ability to produce highly favorable results in a wide range of legal matters including:

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