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Searching for an attorney for anesthesia malpractice in Los Angeles? There are many malpractice cases that are related to anesthesia errors during surgery. One may believe that the surgery itself has the highest risk, and any surgical procedure can lead to complications even with the best of medical care. What is shocking to discover is that a large number of serious injuries or death are the result of errors with regard to the administration of anesthetic during the surgery. These errors can include administering the wrong type of anesthetic or the wrong amount or other serious mistakes. These errors can lead to severe and life threatening complications or even death. Why do they occur with such frequency? There are several underlying reasons that can result in this serious breach of duty, including a breakdown in communication in the operating room between the staff involved in the surgery.

Anesthesia Errors: California Medical Malpractice Cases

This can be the result of fatigue after long hours, or even personality conflicts that are taking place within the group. There are important matters that must be fully identified prior to administering any anesthetic, including the health and age of the patient, any earlier bad reactions to medications, and the type of surgery that will take place. When a communication breakdown has occurred, the wrong type of medication or the wrong amount of medication could be administered, resulting in a serious medical emergency.

The information about the patients in their medical chart must be reviewed carefully before administering any medications, including anesthetics. When the patient has an allergy and this is noted on the chart but the administering anesthesiologist does not notice the allergy, it can lead to a heart attack, stroke or other serious and life-threatening complication.

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Anesthesia errors can take place in dental offices, out-patient clinics, emergency rooms, recovery rooms and a variety of other medical settings. Any error in administering anesthetic that has led to a serious condition should be reviewed by a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer from the firm. It can quickly be determined if there is negligence involved in the case and how to move forward with a lawsuit against the hospital, clinic, medical facility, physician, anesthesiologist or other negligent professional or medical center.

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